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customer feedback

I was really skeptical whether I could even be hypnotised, and if having past lives was even true. But the it was really inspiring! Since the experience I have felt my outlook change for the better, and feel so much more positive in the important areas of my life. I feel more capable of achieving my goals.

- N Kilty


After visiting Gemsoul for a regression healing session, I found an understanding of my life purpose on this plain. All symptoms I was experiencing prior to the session had disappeared completely by the end of the session. I'm really looking forward to going back for a second session.

Gemma is currently training in energy healing and offered to try healing a badly sprained ankle from an injury at work. I experienced some amazing sensations in my body and ankle and immediately after the session there was a massive improvement in mobility and pain, the following morning I awoke to find that my ankle was completely healed. The blokes at work could not believe it when I walked into work the following day! I have recommended Gemsoul to all of my friends and colleagues. 

- JWS 

After the session initially I felt a physical high - tingly, excited yet relaxed. Later I felt physically tired but mentally focussed and charged. I slept extremely well after the session which is unusual for me. Emotionally I felt good. Content and in a good mood. It was overall very relaxing. I feel as if the regression highlighted certain issues I have, but it was done in a gentle, non-confrontational way that has left me able to process it in a way that will not be emotionally charged or difficult. The experience was very interesting and I have already felt ailments healed.

- L Perry

I really enjoyed my past life regression healing, it was an amazing, phenomenal experience. And answered some questions as to why I am so interested in certain topics in this lifetime. In terms of ailments I wanted some help with my anxiety and sadness. I have felt a marked difference in these areas of my life, and feel relaxed, happy and comforted by this whole experience.


I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. Everything was thoroughly explained, putting me at ease. At first I was very skeptical  of past life regression. I didn't know what I wanted to see. But what I can say ,is ,what I have seen has opened my eyes for the better. I will definitely be booking in again soon. Highly recommended.

-Nick Apostolou


Q:I have a demanding job, are weekend and evening sessions available?

A:I will always try to meet my clients appointment timing requirements.

Q:Do you provide parking?

A:There is usually a free space available on my drive.

Q:If I visit a previous lifetime where I suffered, will revisiting it affect me emotionally in this lifetime.

A:No, Regression healing is very safe. The experience is always enjoyable, and the lives you are shown are always appropriate to you. You will always feel emotionally detached from your previous lives, and whatever you see will not affect you on a physical or emotional level.