in the wake of the coronavirus GemSoul is able to offer healing services and tarot vi


Crystal Healing


£30 per session

Based on the premise that crystals can connect with the energies flowing around the human body through their electromagnetic field. According to crystal therapy each crystal has its own electromagnetic charge. These charges or healing vibrations interact wth the body's energy centres to remove 'blockages' and restore a healthy flow through the body. mind and energy field. This therapy offers clients a chance to lie back, relax and get in touch with their body's energies so clients can leave feeling refreshed, restored and de-stressed.

Crystal healing sessions last around 30 minutes.

Each session includes a brief consultation where we discuss the appropriate crystal healing for you. After which you will relax on the treatment couch in the Gemsoul hut while I facilitate your healing session utilising the placement of crystals around and on the body.

Energy unblocker

smokey quartz, clear quartz, and turquoise (stress) or lapis (vitality)

Clears awareness and releases unblocked energy. Good when feeling unsettled.

Body and mind balancer -

smokey quartz, clear quartz, rose quartz 

Provides good every day balance and and restores a natural flow of energy

Chakra balancer

different coloured stones representing each chakra are placed along the centre line of the body

Recharge and balance you the body's energy centres (chakras).


smokey quartz / black tourmaline

Revives sluggish energies when we feel agitated.

Stress buster

black, green, blue, green and pink tourmaline

Helps relieve anxiety

Seal of solomon

clear quartz

This healing works on activating the energy field around the body which is sometimes called the Merkabah. Vibrational field which for some lies dormant and has the power once active to protect the physical body, raise the psyche and more.

You may experience tiredness for unto 24 hours after treatment, after which  time you should begin to feel more alive an re-energised.